I.D. Know Yourself and Kmart’s growing partnership

200904 Isaiah Dawe biography picture

Kmart and I.D. Know Yourself have developed a growing partnership over the last year with a shared vision of supporting young people. I.D. Know Yourself is an Aboriginal-led organisation that focuses on Aboriginal young people in the out of home care system

I.D. Know Yourself Founder, Isaiah Dawe, has worked extensively with the Kmart teams to find employment opportunities for his mentees around the Redfern area and establish regular donations to support the mentees for their life after care.

Kmart donated an initial $1,000 in gift cards so that participants in the program could choose new clothing or goods that would help with their confidence and self-esteem when looking for employment. Kmart is looking forward to continuing its work with I.D. Know Yourself through Kmart community donation initiatives and by providing meaningful employment opportunities through Kmart Employment Parity Initiatives, which aim to achieve Indigenous employment representation across Kmart Group of 3 per cent.