Our Data

Total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR)
Workers' compensation claims
Greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes CO2e)
Energy use (petajoules)
Water use (megalitres)
Waste (tonnes)
Community contributions ($ million)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander procurement spend ($ million)
Team members by gender and region
Team members by employment type
Team members by gender and age (per cent)
Team member turnover rate1 (per cent)
Female representation across the Group (per cent female)
New team member hires by gender and employment type
Ethical sourcing audit program findings
Modern slavery and ethical sourcing training

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All 2020 data is at 30 June 2020 unless stated otherwise. All 2019 Coles data has been provided by Coles and has not been independently verified by Wesfarmers. Please see Coles website at colesgroup.com.au for more information.

Adelaide Tools was acquired by Bunnings in April 2020. Its contribution to Sustainability data is immaterial to the Group and has not been included in the 2020 financial year unless otherwise stated.



GRI 102-8, GRI 102-48, GRI 302-1, GRI 305-1, GRI 305-2, GRI 305-3, GRI 306-2, GRI 306-3, GRI 306-4, GRI 306-5, GRI 401-1, GRI 403-9